Why I Joined Fira In Building A Smarter Society

As of July, I’m connecting people with architecture as a co-founder at Fira Hive.

With the help of Rajeev, various collaborators and understanding employers, I have had the chance to devote time on side projects such as Collaplan and this blog. These projects share the goal of empowering people and communities to participate in creating our cities. Through these projects I have also got to know Risto – a built environment innovator and now a friend. During the past year we have worked on concepts that aim to make cities better places for people to live in. We believe the most important thing is to make urban development and housing more focused on people.

Our work brought us close to Fira – a rapidly growing finnish construction company who believes that future built environments are created through participation and empowered by platforms. It was very inspiring for us to find Fira – a well performing construction company whose core values are caring, collaboration and the utilization of digital technology. Fira, like ourselves, aim to put people to the centre of urban development. After noticing that we share similar goals we decided to join forces. As a result I am happy to announce that I am, together with Risto, a co-founder in one of Fira’s newly formed startups – Fira Hive.

Fira’s goal is to create a phenomenon where people build smarter societies together. Fira wants to empower communities to have an impact on their living environments. As a part of realizing this goal Fira recently formed three startups that will start breaking it down from different angles.

Fira Hive empowers people to get the most out of their living communities.

Fira Flow enables a flexible and safe way for construction workers to do their work as a part of a passionate, ever-developing high performance team.

Fira SiteDrive develops a production management system that helps construction workers optimize their workflow in real time.

Fira Hive, the project that I am involved in, is a pre-launch startup focusing on better living communities. We believe that future housing is based on sharing, intelligent communities and good quality environments. If you're interested in participating, please join us.


Alongside Fira Hive I will continue writing this blog and Collaplan will continue operating together with our customers and my co-founder Rajeev.